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        R&D TEAM

        Raymons with a young design team that is passionate about crafting outstanding, innovative, modern timepieces for today’s world. And we are committed to ensuring our standard of quality and service is upheld. From concept to creation, presentation to purchase.


        Designers go to market shops, and start from the trends board. And then have the design CADS. All those designs have to being approved by engineer from technical drawings and then start sampling.

        • TREND BOARDS
        • CADS
        • SAMPLING

        We have oversea contract designers for main trends direction mostly and then Chinese designers will follow and extend more to completely the collections.

        • Design direction follow the fashion trend very good.
        • Design capacity strong as 100 new designs per month.
        • Designers experienced at same products for 10 years.
        • Designers from oversea supply 4 collections per year steadily.

        Design CADS which all being approved by engineers before sampling in order to avoid technical problem happens during production.